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Sanan määritelmä "medical":
+3 rate 1. medical examination, physical; medical student, intern, resident physician (Colloquial)
+2 rate 2. of or relating to the science or practice of medicine; curative, medicinal
+2 rate 3. medical imaging
+1 rate 4. Islam Science dealing with the uses and effects of medications. Useful information: Islamic medical authorities were also always concemed with the significance of pharmacology and many important works such as the Canon have whole books devoted to the subject. The Muslims became heir not only to the pharmacological knowledge of the Greeks as contained in the works of Dioscorides, but also the vast herbal phammacopias of the Persians and Indians. They also studied the medical effects of many drugs, especially herbs, themselves. The greatest contributions in this field came from Maghribi scientists such as Ibn Juljul, Ibn al-Salt and the most original of Muslim phammacologists, the 12th century scientist, al-Ghafiqi, whose Book of Simple Drugs provides the best descriptions of the medical properties of plants known to Muslims. Islamic medicine combined the use of drugs for medical purposes with dietary considerations and a whole lifestyle derived from the teachings of Islam to create a synthesis which has not died out to this day despite the introduction of modem medicine into most of the Islamic world
rate 5. American Medical Association
rate 6. medical jurisprudence;
rate 7. medical imaging; Use of electromagnetic radiation to produce images of internal body structures for diagnosis. X rays have been used since 1895. Denser tissues, such as bones, absorb more X rays and show as lighter areas on X-ray film. A contrast medium can be used to highlight soft tissues in still X-ray pictures or can be followed on X-ray motion-picture films as it moves through the body or part of the body to record body processes. In computed axial tomography, X rays are focused on specific tissue planes and a series of such parallel "slices" of the body are processed by computer to produce a 3-D image. The risks of X-ray exposure are reduced by more precise techniques using lower doses and by use of other imaging techniques.
rate 8. Type of insurance coverage that provides for the payment of benefits as a result of sickness or injury. Medical care coverage can be provided in a hospital or a doctor's office. The three major types of medical care plans are: fee-for-service (FFS), preferred provided organization (PPO), and health maintenance organization (HMO).
rate 9. adj (not gradable) of, for, or offering the treatment of illness and injuriesmedical advicemedical booksa medical charitymedical languagemedical productsa medical teammedical workers
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